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Morning Update

  • Tragic. The only way to describe the Royal's loss yesterday, which I attended. Because of a prior engagement, I ended up at the game in the 3rd inning. And the Royals were already down by 5. I went to the bathroom in the 6th inning and came back and the A's had hit two home runs. I love the Royals but they're like a girlfriend/wife who keeps cheating on you and, for some reason, you stay with them. Loyalty and passion blind you from whats really happening. Oh well.

  • Drop by Arrowhead Addict and grade Carl Peterson's moves this off season.

  • Well, I can't believe they did it but Scout ended an article by sort of quoting John Lennon- "All we are give Croyle a chance."

  • Remember that cheerleader interview I mentioned was coming from Mile High Report? Here it is.

  • Silve and Black Pride talk about the Raider defensive backfield.
The Royals game was a blast yesterday, despite the 17-3 loss by the boys in blue. The Royals don't just lose, they lose tragically. I'm a fan but its that kind of losing that keeps me from really getting into baseball in Kansas City. Plus, I'm already trying to keep up with any and all Chiefs news I can so that takes up a good portion of my sports intake as well. Referring to that Scout article above about Brodie Croyle, I think we just need to start Croyle from the beginning of the season. While this is just anecdotal evidence, I've read of more than a few Chiefs players saying that Croyle was more prepared and more ready than anyone expects.

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