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And with the 23rd Pick in the Draft...

The Kansas City Chiefs select Ted Ginn Jr. from Ohio State.

In 2007, the Chiefs main areas of need are wide receiver, defensive tackle and the offensive line. We got a left tackle from the Dolphins, a defensive lineman from the Bears and a slew of linebacker free agent pickups. It was unlikely we were going to make any moves in the off season for a WR so the draft was the most logical place to address this need.

Arrowhead Pride chose Ted Ginn Jr because first and foremost, I was surprised he was still around. Most mock drafts had him going in the middle of the 1st round and only a couple projected that the Chiefs would actually pick him up. Our Mock Draft Tracker showed the majority of mock drafts having us taking a wide receiver, with Dwayne Bowe receiving the most picks. I casually had it in the back of my mind that if Ted Ginn Jr. did fall to us, we had to take him.

He is explosive and as dangerous a player as any that the Chiefs have had in the last few years. His only drawback may be his size as he is listed as 6 ft even. But Ginn makes up for that in the special teams department. Ever since Dante Hall started to run backwards on kick returns, the Chiefs have had a void at a position that arguably won them 4 games in 2003. Ginn brings that game changing ability back to the Chiefs special teams.

I mentioned this yesterday on AP but I really like the idea of pairing up Brodie Croyle with a young wideout. The Chiefs have lacked a great QB to WR combo for most of their franchise history. I would love to see Croyle and Ginn develop into a deadly passing combo. Am I wishing for too much? Eh, probably but the potential is definitely there. We got ourselves a play maker and our aging offense will appreciate it.

I have a feeling this will generate some controversy and some good conversation. Head over to Field Gulls for coverage of the SB Nation NFL Mock Draft.

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