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Open Thread - Weekend Edition

Normally, I'm pretty lazy on the weekends and don't really post anything, unless a serious story is breaking. This weekend, since we're in draft mode, I'm going to leave up this open thread and hopefully we can get a good discussion going on the Chiefs draft history.

To throw out some questions:

Who was the Chiefs best draft pick ever?

Who was the Chiefs worst draft pick ever?

Who was the biggest draft day steal by the Chiefs?

For some background reading, check out the incomparable Chiefs history at The Kansas City Chiefs War Room. They have every Chiefs draft pick dating back to the 1960s, arranged by decade. To get this started, I have to say that the BEST Chiefs draft pick ever was probably Derrick Thomas at the 4th overall pick in 1989 (Don't forget that Neil Smith was the #2 overall pick by the Chiefs the year before). One of the biggest steals by the Chiefs on draft day has to be Will Shields in 1993. We snagged Will in the 3rd round, at pick #18 and #74 overall. The worst draft day move by the Chiefs is more than likely Ryan Sims in 2002. The Chiefs have RARELY gotten a top 10 pick and we totally blew it by picking Sims at the 6 spot.

Thats what I've got. I'll be checking in periodically. Keep an eye on Field Gulls for mock draft updates and have a safe holiday weekend.

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