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Draft Analysis

As the Sports Blog Nation NFL Mock Draft enters the middle of the first round, I decided we needed to take this time to address the Chiefs' needs and where best to address those needs.

Right off the bat, I say our biggest needs, in no particular order, are wide receiver, defensive tackle and offensive line. We've resigned defensive linemen Jimmy Wilkerson and Ron Edwards but that really doesn't get us anywhere other than putting warm bodies in those spots. Our other DT signing, Alfonso Boone from the Bears, is an improvement but not a vast improvement by any means. As it stands now, here is our defensive line:

  • Jared Allen, DE
  • Alfonso Boone, DT
  • Ron Edwards, DT
  • Tamba Hali, DE
  • Eric Hicks, DE
  • Montez Murphy, DE
  • James Reed, DT
  • Ryan Sims, DT
  • Jimmy Wilkerson, DE
We've got two solid defensive ends in Allen and Hali, who had no problem chasing the quarterback last year. This year, more than likely, we will see Jared Allen sit out the first four games because of his second DUI conviction. When this happens, it appears that Jimmy Wilkerson can at least fill in. Of our run stopping defensive tackles, we can expect Ryan Sims to be gone and Montez Murphy to probably not even play a down. That leaves us by default with Alfonso Boone, James Reed and Ron Edwards. Fearsome, aren't they? Unfortunately, with the defensive line we have now, I foresee a season similar to 2003 where we ranked 28th in rush defense. And next year, our offense won't be there to save our butt. Judging by the way the draft may play out, we can't afford to spend a first round pick on a DT this year. There just isn't going to be anyone worth it available to take in the first round.

Which leads me to my argument that the draft is the best place to address one of our other weak spots, the WR position. This year's WR draft is deep. We could conceivably have our choice between Dwayne Bowe, Dwayne Jarrett, Robert Meachem or Sidney Rice. I consider all four of these players to be possible good additions to a sub standard Chiefs receiving corp. I know the Chiefs history of WR draft picks is pretty shotty. Here is a list of the WRs drafted by the Chiefs since 1994:

  • Lake Dawson
  • Chris Penn
  • Tamarick Vanover
  • Joe Horn
  • Dietrich Jells
  • Kevin Lockett
  • Isaac Byrd
  • Larry Parker
  • Sylvester Morris
  • Desmond Kitchings
  • Marvin Minnis
  • Samie Parker
  • Jeris McIntyre
  • Craphonso Thorpe
  • Jeff Webb
The major bust up there is first round selection Sly Morris. Joe Horn is the lone gem up there when he was a 5th round selection in 1996. Why is this year going to be different? As I mentioned before , the talent pool is deeper this year. And don't forget that Brodie Croyle may get the chance to start a lot of games this year and how cool would it be to have a first year WR to go with our first (real) year QB? Croyle and a good WR pick could develop into a Chiefs QB-WR tandem that the Chiefs haven't seen in...well forever. I would still be satisfied if we took a great WR in the first round (Bowe or Jarrett maybe) and he was a bust. This is the year to do it and you really can't blame anyone if the pick doesn't pan out. There isn't a secret formula to this. Just don't be stupid and say, pick Mario Williams over Reggie Bush.

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