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Mock Draft Tracker Update #9

Sports Bullies

Kansas City Chiefs- WR Dewayne Jarrett (USC) 6-5 210
He might be a bit slow (4.6 40) but you can't argue with Jarrett's production at USC. The Chiefs could also go offensive line or CB with this pick.

War Room Report
The Chiefs have always been built along the offensive line, but the retirement of Willie Roaf and the loss of John Tait has left Damien McIntosh and Chris Terry as the starting tackles for the run heavy Chiefs. Joe Staley had a terrific performance at his Pro Day, and the converted tight end, has the athleticism to play LT at the next level.

Inside the Eagles
Dwayne Bowe: Nice size, 6'2', 220 lbs. And has quickness and speed.

Draft Season
Joe Staley OT, Central Michigan: The Chiefs need to upgrade their offensive line real quick. Staley is a fast rising prospect and wouldn't be considered too much of a reach here. The Chiefs can find their much needed receiver in round 2.
Draft Tek (UPDATE) They used to have Dwayne Jarrett up but now they like Justin Harrell, a DT from Tennessee.

Fantasy Football Xtreme likes Robert Meachem.

QI Sports likes Robert Meacham.

MT Mock likes Dwayne Bowe.

First Round Choice
45 Dwayne Bowe (19) Sidney Rice (10) Ted Ginn Jr. (3) Robert Meachem (7) Dwayne Jarrett (6)
8 Levi Brown (3) Tony Ugoh (2) Joe Staley (3)
3 Leon Hall (1) Aaron Ross (1) Chris Houston (1)
1 Patrick Willis (1)
3 Amobi Okoye (2) Justin Harrell (1)

Previously, I had counted Walters Football twice so I updated that. Joe Staley, OT from Central Michigan, made a few appearances on this update. As did Robert Meachem, whose stock has slowly been rising since the combine. I disagree with Draft Season's analysis above that we can find a good WR in Round 2. We have the 22nd pick in Round 2, which I think is much too late to ensure getting a good WR.

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