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Did the Dolphins Show Us Their Hand?

Its been widely reported here that Carl Peterson is not compromising with the Dolphins on the Trent Green deal. Carl wants a 2nd round pick, which the Dolphins are obviously unwilling to give. Originally, I believe, there was talk of getting Trent Green in exchange for a 7th round pick. And now we see that the Dolphins traded kicker Olindo Mare to the Saints for a 6th round draft pick.

If Olindo Mare, a kicker who can basically only play in a dome, can garner a 6th round pick from the Saints, where does that lead us in the Trent Green situation? First and foremost, I would have to say that, as far as value is concerned, Trent Green is certainly more valuable than Olindo Mare. In the minds of the Dolphins front office, this move indirectly shows that they more than likely value Trent Green more than a 7th round pick. They probably were playing the same hardball game that Carl is- move the trade to the extremes and hopefully end up in the middle.

The other way this affects Trent Green is that now Dolphins have another pick and a pick that is probably around the value for Trent Green, give or take a round. More trade bait. This Olindo Mare trade opens up a few new options for the Dolphins and Trent Green but I wouldn't hold your breath just yet. I'm almost getting to the point of going on a strike of not reporting any Trent Green news until he actually goes somewhere. That, or we really need another off season story to talk about.

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