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What, Trent Green Worry?

"As sure as I am that I'm a #1 receiver, you'll be here next year man. You can quote me on it."

The draft came and went with no deal for Trent Green. After months of talk about a possible trade for draft picks, the Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins were unable to make a deal. Carl Peterson, knowing his hard line stance of requesting a 2nd round pick wouldn't work, gave an inch yesterday when he said he would take a 4th round pick for Trent Green. Miami stood firm with their offer of a 6th round pick. A 5th round pick would have been a great compromise except the Dolphins didn't have a 5th rounder this year.

So where does that leave Trent Green? Carl Peterson has told us that Trent Green is the starter as of right now but we all know that is complete bullshit. At least Trent Green's agent isn't beating around the bush:

"Trent's not going to be returning," Steiner said. "They've said Brodie Croyle is going to be the No. 1 or No. 2 quarterback. They brought back Damon Huard. They've told Trent they want to get younger. So the Chiefs determined that, not Trent. That's not going to happen. It's grossly unfair of the Chiefs to keep Trent on their roster."

Correct on all counts Jim Steiner. The Chiefs can't afford to keep Trent Green and his $9.1 million dollar salary cap hit. We didn't get anything for him in the draft. Trent Green will not restructure with the Chiefs and he wants out. Still, I'm proud of Carl Peterson for not budging. Its important to know that when the pressure is on, the Chiefs have set a precedent of not giving into what they perceive to be unfair deals.

Its unfortunate that no deal was made because now the situation has potential to get a little ugly. The Chiefs can release Trent Green which means they will get nothing for him. I think this is the worst possible scenario. Another possibility is still a trade with Miami, probably for future draft picks. Do we take a 5th round pick next year for Trent Green? Since Carl Peterson already showed his hand, we know that we will not get better than a 4th round pick for Trent Green. At this point, I'm satisfied if Trent Green leaves the Chiefs and we get at least a 5th round pick for him. Trent has the leverage in this deal because he will not restructure with the Chiefs and the Chiefs cannot afford to take his salary cap hit. Probably another couple of months of "reporting" on every, single mention of Trent Green's name. This time I'm smarter though. I'm so "Trent Greened out" that I won't be reporting on Trent Green taking a crap or Dolphin's GM Randy Mueller blowing his nose.

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