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Off Season Review

Today, we are approximately two months into the NFL off season. We have the draft coming up at the end of this month and we've been into the free agency period for about a month. Where do the Chiefs stand?

Lets take a look at our free agency signings.

Here is the list of players we resigned.

  • DT Jimmy Wilkerson
  • DT Ron Edwards

We also lost Jordan Black to the Texans, Kawika Mitchell to the Giants and Lenny Walls to the Rams.

Far and away the biggest rumors this off season have involved Trent Green. Let me break this down as quickly as possible. We resigned Damon Huard, which naturally had everyone asking questions about Trent Green. Then, the Chiefs allowed Trent Green to seek out a trade, after it became clear to everyone that Trent Green and his salary cap hit were going to be nowhere on this Chiefs team. Despite the Chiefs repeatedly saying that Trent is welcome back if wants to compete for the job, rumors abounded about where he would end up. The Dolphins were the first to show their interest, while about the same time the Chiefs said we would consider offers for Trent Green but not from the Raiders. For the last couple of weeks, we've had stories like this and this that dangled the possibility of Trent Green leaving for Miami.

With talks of Miami and the Lions being interested in Trent, the Browns sort of threw their hat in the ring when Browns GM Phil Savage asked Carl Peterson about Trent during the NFL owner's meeting last week. Nothing has materialized from this report though. I do not believe that the Lions or the Browns have formally talked with Trent and his agent.

Trent Green would be in Miami right now but the Chiefs and Dolphins can't come to a deal. Carl Peterson wants a second rounder at least for him and the Dolphins are sitting at a pay cut for Trent and a 7th rounder to the Chiefs.

And there we are, basically where we've been all off season. My best guess is that Trent Green will end up in Miami because it appears he is willing to take a pay cut, which is the biggest issue with him going anywhere.

As far as other stories, Jared Allen is sitting out because of his contract, Larry Johnson still feels the need to hide his suburban past and I'd like to think that the Mock Draft Tracker is still pretty cool.

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