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This is Becoming More and More Relevant

Joe Posankski wrote this in the Star a few months ago:

But what Peterson has done -- I think better than anyone in sports -- is convince everyone that his mediocre teams are actually good and promising. How? He has kept the Chiefs from having one of those comical 3-13 seasons. He has always found players with star quality -- Derrick Thomas to Joe Montana to Marcus Allen to Tony Gonzalez to Priest Holmes to Larry Johnson. And the Chiefs have just missed the playoffs enough times to keep everybody coming back for more.

I've quoted this exact paragraph before and it rings truer and truer each time I read it. Its observations like this that make me think that Carl Peterson can't rebuild a football team into a Super Bowl contender. Regardless, he's never really tried to rebuild a team from the ground up. Chiefs fans keep holding out for the playoffs year after year, but where is that getting us? Not to the second round of the playoffs thats for sure (and most of the time not even to the first). I don't have a real point here other than the idea of overhauling our team with younger guys has to be one of the strategies this franchise must consider. This crap has gone on for way too long. As Chiefs fans, we've become way too accustomed to exactly what Posankski mentions above- hoping to just make the playoffs instead of planning for the future when we can win in the playoffs. Reaching the NFL playoffs is not our end goal- the Super Bowl is.

I leave you with this old saying, paraphrased by the great Hunter S. Thompson:

"For every moment of triumph, for every instance of beauty, many souls must be trampled."

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