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Summing Up LJ Trade Talks

While there have been no specific talks, its been reported that the Chiefs are throwing out the idea to various teams. Connor Byrne of Real Football 365 sums it up the situation pretty welll:

According to the NFL Network's Adam Schefter, Kansas City has held preliminary discussions with Cleveland, Green Bay, Tennessee and Buffalo -- all of which have below-average backfields -- regarding Johnson's future.

The reason the Chiefs are looking to deal the four-year veteran has to do with both money and compensation.

You see, the team knows Johnson can void the final two years of his contract after next season, which means he'll likely depart following the 2007 campaign. With that in mind, the Chiefs are hoping to acquire multiple picks and not have to risk losing Johnson for nothing a year from now. Combine that with the fact that Johnson wants a contract exceeding $60 million over eight years, and Kansas City doesn't seem so crazy.

Okay. Let me sit on this for a bit. If we do trade LJ, I think it will be with the admission that we will not be playoff contenders next year and that the next couple of years will be considered "rebuilding years", something we haven't really had recently in KC. Start Croyle immediately and any other young prospects we have. Sure, we haven't gone deep in the playoffs but we haven't had a 2-14 season either. Rebuilding by trading LJ v. keeping him reminds of this Joe Posanski quote:
But what Peterson has done -- I think better than anyone in sports -- is convince everyone that his mediocre teams are actually good and promising. How? He has kept the Chiefs from having one of those comical 3-13 seasons. He has always found players with star quality -- Derrick Thomas to Joe Montana to Marcus Allen to Tony Gonzalez to Priest Holmes to Larry Johnson. And the Chiefs have just missed the playoffs enough times to keep everybody coming back for more.

Do we have to make the playoffs each year, despite not going very deep, or are Chiefs fans willing to to forego that possibility to undergo a true rebuilding of this team? The time is about right for one.

Also, Arrowhead Addict has a good morning update for you.

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