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Pre-Draft Reading Assignments

  • This article from Football Outsiders is one of the more fascinating draft readings I've seen. Basically, FO has analyzed the various positions and starters in the NFL and compiled data on where they were drafted. I could not have put that worse so let me show you an example.

    The blue bars represent the percentage of league wide starters drafted in that round. The red bars represent the percentage of league wide starters drafted in that round that are still with the team that drafted them.

    The quarterback position is especially top heavy. Exactly half of the starting QBs in the NFL (when this data was collected) were drafted in the first round. For whatever reason, the sixth round has been fairly lucrative, but pretty much anything after round one is a long shot. Interestingly, some of the better signal-callers have not been selected in the first four rounds: Tom Brady, Mark Brunell, Matt Hasselbeck, Marc Bulger, Trent Green, and Jake Delhomme.

    There is more coherent analysis in that article than I could ever attempt to explain. Check it out. (Thanks to Bleeding Green Nation for the link)

  •'s draft history from 1982 to 2006.

  • NFL Draft Countdown's top 32 players.

  • Back to Football Outsiders and their AFC West Breakdown.

  • Check out some opinions on the Chiefs team needs here, here and here.

  • And of course, you have to check out AP's mock draft info and general draft info.

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