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And With the 84th Pick in the SB Nation Mock Draft...

The Kansas City Chiefs select Marcus Thomas, DT from Florida. Let the Ryan Sims comparisons begin. I have to confess that my draft knowledge doesn't really extend into the 3rd round. I just haven't done enough analysis to make a true pick by myself. Thats why you're here. Employing the help of iguy2000 and thatswhatshesaid, I finally settled on Marcus Thomas, a great talent at Florida who missed part of his senior season because he tested posititive for marijuana. I believe this to be a pretty good case of the Chiefs getting what is probably a second round talent late because of Thomas' off the field issues.

Scout seems to have summed it up best:

Possessing first-round physical skills, Thomas offers starting potential at the next level if he makes football a top priority and stays clean off the field.

Now before you tear into me for drafting a player with character issues, lets make it clear that Marcus Thomas is not some sort of animal. He was not convicted of rape or assault or disorderly conduct. Like he said himself, he made a mistake at a party. Read his open letter to Gator fans here.

Now back to why we chose a DT. Despite signing Alfonso Boone and resigning James Reed, Ron Edwards and Jimmy Wilkerson, how confident are you? Me? Not very. Marcus Thomas is a good value pick up and has already made his mistakes in college. He's 6-3, 314 pounds so size isn't really an issue with him. Still not convinced? Here's a little anecdotal evidence from his wiki page:

Prior to the game against LSU when he was on suspension, the Vegas Line was -1 in favor of LSU. After he was activated for the game, the Vegas Line was +3 in favor of Florida.
Somewhat of a risky pick I know. I was leaning towards a CB before iguy2000 let me know about Marcus Thomas. So...thoughts on why or why not Marcus Thomas was a good pick here?

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