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Interesting Trade Scenario From PFT

Via the PFT's Rumor Mill:

Hey, why don't the Bills offer the No. 12 overall pick straight up for Johnson?  Then, the Chiefs can send the No. 23 pick and the No. 12 pick to Washington, if Adrian Peterson is still on the board at No. 6.  Heck, under the trade chart the Chiefs could climb as high as No. 4, where they'd be certain to nail down Adrian Peterson.

Yet again, we've identified a scenario that makes way too much sense to ever happen.

Is Larry Johnson only worth a #12 pick? I have to say no team is stupid enough (including the Chiefs) to basically trade a premier running back for a often injured rookie first rounder. Don't get me wrong. Adrian Peterson could turn out to be fantastic. But since when is it a good idea to trade a top pro RB for an unproven rookie?

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