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Mock Draft Tracker Update #11

The Sports Brief

Meachem is my favorite receiver in the draft besides Johnson. He has good size, (6'2, 214) and he's fast, (4.39 40.) Tony Gonzalez is great, but one of the main reasons he's always the team's leading receiver is because they don't have anyone else. Eddie Kennison and Samie Parker won't get it done, again. Meachem would be perfect if he falls, even Bowe, Jarrett, Rice would be an improvement on what they have.

Tennessee Journalist
Cliff- At some point the Chiefs have to get someone other than Tony Gonzalez to throw the ball to. You'd have to think they'd snatch up Meachem should he fall to them.

Mike: Meachem in Kansas City would be a good fit, and he could be a sleeper when it comes to Fantasy Football with the Chiefs having both Larry Johnson and Tony Gonzalez.

Comcast Sports Net
The Chiefs lost the heart and soul of their O-line this past week when guard Will Shields retired. With only Chris Bober their as a replacement, Kansas City needs to find a long-term solution. Grubbs is as athletic as you can get for a guard. He's capable of starting immediately and should pick up where Shields left off. Not a glamorous pick, but when your bread and butter is the running game, you can't afford to be sexy here.

Gosselin's Mock Draft
Joe Staley, OT, Central Michigan; Comment: Chiefs struggled in 2006 without LT Willie Roaf

Bleacher Report
The Chiefs will be ecstatic if they can select this tackle from Louisville. Okoye, the youngest player in the draft, is an impact defensive lineman and could probably start immediately in K.C.

Yahoo! Sports
Head coach Herm Edwards has stated several times that he believes their receiving corps has much better depth than outsiders currently think. If that is indeed the case, the next biggest area of concern is finding an interior defender that can actually make plays. Harrell has returned to his former first-round status thanks to proving he is 100 percent healthy (31 bench reps of 225 pounds) and teams have grown very fond of his toughness and motor.
First Round Choice
55 Dwayne Bowe (21) Sidney Rice (10) Ted Ginn Jr. (4) Robert Meachem (12) Dwayne Jarrett (8)
9 Levi Brown (3) Tony Ugoh (2) Joe Staley (4)
3 Leon Hall (1) Aaron Ross (1) Chris Houston (1)
1 Patrick Willis (1)
5 Amobi Okoye (3) Justin Harrell (2)
2 Ben Grubbs (2)

Grubbs and Meachem picked up a few more votes and Grubbs seems to be the trendy Chiefs pick of the week. One position you don't see on the mock draft tracker is running back. Why did 4 running backs work out for the Chiefs last week then? Smoke screen baby. Carl Peterson wants the Chiefs draft day decisions to be completely up in the air. If this is the case, I'm hoping to see some pretty shrewd moves come this weekend from the Chiefs brass. Trading down is one possibility and may be the most logical one in our case. With the #23 pick in the first round, in a sense we are probably going to be screwed with whatever pick we get. Not screwed in terms of the talent we get but we will more than likely pick a guy who isn't necessarily first round material. And because of our second round pick at #54, we again will watch much needed players pass us up. The solution appears to be to trade our pick. To who? I don't know. For what? I don't know either. That will become clearer as the week goes on.

**UPDATE** The SB Nation Mock Draft is into the 3rd round and we need to make a decision. This will be the final round of the SB Nation Mock Draft so lets make this pick as soon as possible. Possibilities include...not quite sure yet. Draft Tek has some insight so check it out and let me know what you think.

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