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Morning Update

Trent Green to the Dolphins should happen this week for before Saturday's draft. Adam Teicher mentioned that the Chiefs were shopping LJ. Funny thing is, Teicher skims over this idea as if LJ is one of our kickers. If the Chiefs were shopping LJ, it would be pretty huge news, right? Why does Teicher only casually mention this? I'm not sure but I sincerely doubt the Chiefs are shopping Larry Johnson. If anything, Carl Peterson is getting into people's heads (which is he is known to do) by working out four of the top runningbacks in this draft last week. At this point, the Chiefs draft picks are a crap shoot. Carl Peterson is throwing up so much smoke that as someone who reads everything Chiefs related he can everday, I'm not even sure whats going to happen. Check out the new poll up and voice your opinion on the draft.

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