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SB Nation Mock Draft 3rd Round

The Chiefs pick is coming up any minute now. Thoughts on our 3rd round acquisition?

Here are the current 3rd round picks:

1(65) Oakland Raiders -- Tank Tyler, DT(North Carolina State)
2(66) Detroit Lions -- Drew Stanton, QB(Michigan State)
3(67) Cleveland Browns -- Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE(Hawaii)
4(68) Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- Quinn Pitcock, DT(Ohio State)
5(69) Arizona Cardinals -- Justin Durant, LB(Hampton)
6(70) Denver Broncos -- Victor Abiamiri, DE(Notre Dame)
7(71) Miami Dolphins -- Ryan Harris, OT(Notre Dame)
8(72) Minnesota Vikings -- Matt Spaeth, TE(Minnesota)
9(73) Houston Texans -- Jason Hill, WR(WSU)
10(74) Buffalo Bills -- Quincy Black, OLB(New Mexico)
11(75) Atlanta Falcons -- Tony Hunt, RB(Penn St.)
12(76) San Francisco 49'ers -- Stewart Bradley, LB(Nebraska)
13(77) Pittsburgh Steelers -- Tarrell Brown, CB(Texas)
14(78) Green Bay Packers -- Jay Moore, DE(Nebraska)
15(79) Jacksonville Jaguars -- Sabby Piscitelli, S(Oregon State)
16(80) Tennesee Titans -- Kenny Irons, RB (Auburn)
17(81) New York Giants -- James Marten, OT (Boston College)
18(82) St. Louis Rams -- Brian Robison, DE (Texas)

Fred Bennett, a CB out of South Carolina, seems to be a good value pick for where we are.

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