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Farewell To Will

Thanks to reader (and writer) tailgateandwin for this write up- Chris

Well it’s almost official. Will Shields is set to retire. He told me last fall that it was his last year. We had the awesome opportunity to host Will & his wife Senia at our house through one of the great charities Will has done work for - Walter Payton Man of the Year Award but only one player is chosen. Will got the award in 2003.

My whole family went to the "Will to Succeed" fundraiser this year. It was an amazing night where we passed by Trent Green & Tony Gonzalez with big smiles. Even Fatlock was there - looking uncomfortable.

Will just got back from a tour of the Persian Gulf with three other NFL players. Thanks Will. You made holes for Marcus Allen, Priest Holmes & Larry Johnson. You made holes in the fight against poverty & racism. Your retirement gives KC Chiefs fans a whole in their heart.

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