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Royals Opening Day

Despite this being a football blog, I do occasionally take time to enjoy other sports. Today is one of those days. The Kansas City Royals will face the Boston Red Sox this afternoon at the Royals home opener. I will be there, along with many readers of this blog and Royals Review. They have all of the info over there and a very lively group of readers.

I forgot to ask if anyone else saw Slugerrrrr (or how ever many R's he has in his name) and KC Wolf outside the Fox 4 television station this morning. The newspaper people are out in force today too. My car was right next to a guy on a median on Southwest Trafficway and I overheard him say that this may be the last opening day that we get to put the Royals on the front page of the Kansas City Star. A little depressing, don't you think?

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