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Mock Draft Tracker Update #10

Swerb's Mock Draft

OG Ben Grubbs, Auburn

The Chiefs badly need a WR, but the drop off from what is available here versus what will be there at #54 for them isn't great. The Chiefs OL has slipped from its level of sustained dominance as of late, and Will Shields just retired. Grubbs can step right in for him as the drafts top offensive guard.

Arrowhead Addict
Considering that I can't remember the last time the Chiefs had a true number one WR, I have to roll with Jarrett this late in the first. Scouts may not have blown smoke off their stopwatches when he ran his 40, but he has great size and his college resume is impeccable. Come on, he didn't become the Pac-10's all-time leader in touchdown receptions by accident. I'm aware of the Mike Williams comparisons, but I'm predicting a career that more closely resembles another ex-Trojan's -- Keyshawn Johnson.

Lucky Lester
I like Bowe. In fact, I think the kid is a flat out steal here. He's going to be a top receiver in this league. He's not afraid to do anything. He's big, fast, strong, and he'll go get the ball from a defender if you just give him a chance. The Chiefs will find it tough to pass on Ted Ginn Jr., and if I were a betting man, I'd keep my money out of this one, but I think Bowe is the better fit for KC.

Dawg Bones
Dwayne Bowe. How long have we been saying that the Chiefs need a receiver? Too long.

NFL Answers
Robert Meachem. It is really about time the Chiefs find a go-to wide receiver. When Eddie Kennison and Johnnie Morton are your best receivers within the last five years you have problems.

Mell-O's Mock Draft likes Ted Ginn Jr.

NFL DraftMock likes Robert Meachem.

Great Blue Draft likes Dwayne Jarrett.

On the Bubble likes Robert Meachem as well.

First Round Choice
53 Dwayne Bowe (21) Sidney Rice (10) Ted Ginn Jr. (4) Robert Meachem (10) Dwayne Jarrett (8)
8 Levi Brown (3) Tony Ugoh (2) Joe Staley (3)
3 Leon Hall (1) Aaron Ross (1) Chris Houston (1)
1 Patrick Willis (1)
3 Amobi Okoye (2) Justin Harrell (1)
1 Ben Grubbs (1)

I get the impression from around the blogosphere that everyone thinks the Chiefs are going to take a WR but within the Chiefs community, there is no consensus on a WR. We can chalk this up to stubbornness on the part of Chiefs fans or lack of intimate knowledge on the part of all of these mock drafters. Regardless, the mock draft tracker continues to rack up the tallies for a WR in the first round. Bowe, Meachem and Jarrett all added to their numbers in this update. Lets start using these Mock Draft Tracker threads to talk about what we think the Chiefs will actually do, as opposed to what we think they should do. Herm is going defense I'm guessing. The guy is stubborn and likes his methods.

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