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A Few Questions With...

The Phinsider, our local Miami Dolphins blog. Our topic of conversation today? Gasp!!! The Trent Green saga. Enjoy my answers to the Phinatic's questions at The Phinsider.

Miami fans seem to have a love/hate relationship with the idea of Trent Green on their team. Only recently have they begun to come around. If Culpepper is gone, how does that change your feelings on Trent Green?

That's exactly it.  Most Dolphin fans refuse to give up hope in regards to Daunte Culpepper's health.  However, following this weekend's mini-camp, where Culpepper simply rode the bike and told the press that he may not be ready for training camp, most Dolphin fans, including myself, have warmed up to the idea of having Trent Green in Miami.  And if we were to assume DC was done in Miami (traded or released), I'd be an even bigger fan of Green coming to Miami.

What role will Trent Green play on the Miami Dolphins if he is traded?

This really has two different answers that depend on what the Dolphins do with Daunte Culpepper.  If they choose to keep Culpepper, then we'll probably see a training camp battle for the starter's job (as long as DC is healthy enough) and handicapping that race is really anyone's guess.  But based on Cam Cameron's offensive system and his previous experience working with Green, you'd have to figure that Green may have a slight advantage over a healthy Culpepper.  However, Green's role changes should DC not be in a Dolphin uniform next year.  In that case, Green would surely be the starter and would be a stop-gap until they can find their QB of the future, which brings me to my next point about Green.  Dolphin GM Randy Mueller said that it's likely the Dolphins take a QB at some point during the draft.  Assuming they do, an important role Green will then have is being a tutor for that rookie, whoever he may be.  And I will say that there aren't many better for that role than Green.

What do you feel is a worthy trade for Trent Green?

Considering his age and his poor play last year once he came back from his concussion, I'd have to say that a 6th round pick seems pretty fair.  And let's face it:  if the Dolphins don't trade for him, then they will just sign him when he gets released.  It's no secret that Green wants to be in Miami and will block a trade (by not restructuring) to any other team.  So I don't think this is a scenario where KC can get greedy.  With that said, I wouldn't mind giving up a pick as high as a 4th rounder just so the Dolphins don't have to wait for him to be cut, allowing Green more time to get acquainted with his new team and coaching staff, as well as getting comfortable with Cameron's system.  However, I would not, in any way, go higher than a 4th rounder nor would I throw in any players (which to this point I haven't even heard being talked about).

Thanks again to The Phinsider for giving us a few minutes of his time.

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