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From the Miami Sports Dude, we get a glimpse into the Trent Green talks between Carl Peterson and Randy Mueller.

Carl: I'll give you Trent Green for your 2nd round pick.

Randy: No.

Carl: Oh. Hey! Howsabout you give me a 2nd round pick for Trent Green?

andy: No.

Carl: I know! I know! Ill give you Trent Green and ... now listen to this ... all you have to give me is your second round pick! Ah? Ahh??

Randy: No.

Carl: (sigh) ... Ok. Ok. I hear ya. Wait! Wait! I got it!!! I got it!!! I'll say something and you answer without thinking about it, kay? Ready ... and ... 2ndroundpickforTrentGreen GO!....

Randy: No.

Carl: Damn!

Sadly, this is probably how the talks are going. Anybody else feel like banging their head against the wall anytime "news" has come out about this saga? Most over reported Chiefs story in a long time.

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