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What is Your Draft Strategy?

When it comes to the NFL draft, there are traditionally two camps, as Jon at MVN put it. The Best Player Available camp and the camp that drafts based on need. Jon basically hits the nail on the head and said that pure approaches to both are flawed and that there should be a middle ground, i.e. weighted BPA. I had a whole spiel to give you readers but Jon pretty much has already said what I think. Jon says:

My draft method of choice is a combination of the two theories: Weighted BPA. I think a team should sit down and assign a weight of importance to each position, and then attach that weight to their overall evaluation of a player. For example, the Chiefs desperately need a wide receiver or a defensive tackle, so they should apply a high weight to any player at either position. The Chiefs don't really need a halfback or a tight end, so they should apply a low weight to any player at either position.

I find this strategy to be the best of both worlds. For example in this particular draft, we could assign higher values to the better DTs in the draft and nearly as high scores to potential WR picks. That way, if a great DT does fall to us, we can take him over a "less valuable" WR and not have blinders on in the first round. In the SB Nation Mock Draft, Ted Ginn Jr. was a definite Best Player Available pick. We could have also gone DT or a CB if a worthy one had fallen to us.

Since I agree with Jon, what's your draft strategy and which strategy should the Chiefs employ in 2007?

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