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Round 2 of the SB Nation Mock Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs pick is coming up in Round 2 of the SB Nation Mock Draft. Field Gulls is in the process of putting up the second round picks. Here are the second round picks so far (copied straight from my email of course):

  • 1(33) Oakland Raiders -- Zach Miller, TE(ASU)

  • 2(34) Detroit Lions -- Marcus McCauley, CB(Fresno St)

  • 3(35) Tampa Bay Bucs -- Buster Davis, LB(Florida St)

  • 4(36) Cleveland Browns -- Ryan Kalil, C(USC)

  • 5(37) Chicago Bears -- Michael Griffin, S(Texas)

  • 6(38) Arizona Cardinals -- Brandon Meriweather, S(Miami)

  • 7(39) Atlanta Falcons -- Tony Ugoh, OL(Arkansas)

  • 8(40) Miami Dolphins -- Arron Sears, OT(Tennessee)

  • 9(41) Minnesota Vikings -- Anthony Gonzalez, WR(Ohio State)

  • 10(42) San Francisco 49'ers -- Sidney Rice, WR(South Carolina)

  • 11(43) Buffalo Bills -- Antonio Pittman, RB(Ohio State)

  • 12(44) Atlanta Falcons -- Charles Johnson, DE(Georgia)

  • 13(45) Carolina Panthers -- Brandon Siler, LB(Florida)

  • 14(46) Pittsburgh Steelers -- Anthony Spencer, DE(Purdue)

  • 15(47) Green Bay Packers -- Tanard Jackson, CB(Syracuse)

  • 16(48) Jacksonville Jaguars -- Tim Crowder, DE(Texas)

  • 17(49) Cincinnati Bengals -- Jon Beason, LB(Miami)

  • 18(50) Tennessee Titans -- Josh Wilson, CB(Maryland)

  • 19(51) New York Giants - Eric Wright, CB(UNLV)

St. Louis and Dallas pick before us. The names that immediately jump out at me that are already gone are Tony Ugoh and Arron Sears, the two remaining upper tier tackles that were left on the board. Which pushes me in the direction grabbing a defensive tackle. Of the remaining upper tier DTs, there is Tank Tyler and Turk McBride. Take note of the remaining WRs in our mock draft, which aren't really many at all. I think that is a good indication of what WR will be available in the second round, for those advocating a second round WR selection. Let me know if I missed anyone and hopefully we can resolve AP's pick for the second round today.

And I'm still waiting for the first jackass to say on the poll that Will Shields isn't a Hall of Famer.

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