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Looking Towards the Draft

Its been well established, through our Mock Draft Tracker, that the sports blogosphere in general thinks that the Kansas City Chiefs should draft a wide receiver. In fact, we ended up taking Ted Ginn Jr. in the Sports Blog Nation Mock Draft. Dwayne Bowe from LSU is another popular WR pick for the Chiefs and probably the most "pro ready" WR. I think Dwayne Bowe, Dwayne Jarrett and Robert Meachem to all be possible WR picks for the Chiefs in the first round.

Our defensive line is another need and defense is one need many people think we should be addressing in the draft. In my opinion, judging by the way the field looks now, we don't really have a first round DT option that will fall to us. We could take Justin Harrell out of Tennessee but he is really first round value? I think not for an often injured senior. We've done a lot of speculating on what we think the Chiefs should do. Now, what do you think Herm and the gang will actually do? Cornerback? Offensive line? I keep running the draft over and over again in my head and so much depends on who is available when it comes to our pick at #23. I'm changing my mind about being behind a WR 100% because our other needs keep growing bigger by the day in my head.

One thing that could clear up our draft day needs is the situation with Kris Jenkins, a Pro Bowl defensive tackle from Carolina. The Chiefs are one of three teams (St. Louis and Denver being the other two I've heard about) that are interested in the services of Kris Jenkins. The Panthers, on the other hand, may just be looking to dump an often injured DT while his price is just right.

So, who do we seem Herm and the Chiefs crew actually picking? Remember how Herm said the Chiefs D couldn't cover its WRs in practice. That should give us some indication about where they are leaning.

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