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Morning Update

Former Chiefs backup QB Warren Moon got a DUI last Friday. I always wondered if these older NFL players that get into alcohol trouble are just flat out drunks or they just ran into some bad luck. Because after you're about 20 years old, DUIs seem pretty ridiculous to get (you should know better at least), unless you just can't control your drinking.

Arrowhead Addict thinks that cornerback is the way to go in the draft.

The Most Valuable Network has kicked off their mock draft.

Probably the worst off season profile I've seen on the Chiefs.

A Cleveland blog points out that the Chiefs are just using the Browns to drive up Trent Green's value. Shhhh.....

This is a bit old but its worth pointing out because Priest Holmes has TWO of the Top Ten fantasy RB seasons. I am proud to say that I had Priest Holmes on my fantasy team in 2003 when he broke the TD record. Guess what? I won the league.

Windy City Gridiron, our local Bears blog, is having their own internal mock draft. tomas21 from WCG took Dwayne Bowe with the Chiefs pick.

And with the 25th pick in the draft, the New York Jets select TE Greg Olson, out of Miami.

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