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First Encounter with the Google News Archives

So I'm addicted to searching Google News and the Google Blog search for "Kansas City Chiefs". While doing this today, I noticed a new feature of Google News called "Archives". I simply clicked that link and Google brought me this September 24, 1987, article. The piece of text it provides gives us a glimpse into the antics of the "real" NFL players v. the scabs during the 1987 NFL strike.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Yelling "where's the scabs" and waving shotguns they said were empty, Kanas City Chiefs' linebacker Dino Hackett and tight end Paul Coffman launched the team's picketing Wednesday in what one player described as a "serious" but "light-hearted" vein. From Wire Reports

Today, Dino Hackett and Paul Coffman would be either fined heavily or in jail. No two ways about it. Funny how times change. Are we more stressed out today in the NFL or what?

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