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Huard, Croyle and Printers?

So Trent Green has requested a trade. You can't blame the guy. Its been obvious since we signed Damon Huard that Trent was slowly being squeezed out. Well not slowly so much as over the last two weeks. Carl Peterson has left the door open for Trent Green to come back under a restructured contract and compete for the job. Carl did not say who Trent would compete for the job with but more than likely, in my opinion, it will be Damon Huard. Brodie Croyle is still too inexperienced to immediately pick up the nuances of being a starting  quarterback in the NFL. I imagine we'll see Brodie Croyle out on the field more than a few times in 2007.

Yesterday's statement from Carl Peterson and Trent Green's agent was an odd one. We don't want to release Trent Green outright but we don't want to make him the starter either. Its an unfortunate situation for Trent Green to be in and I think that Carl Peterson is handling it pretty well so far. Having one of the most beloved Chiefs over the last 5 years having to compete or request a trade to even get back on the field is sad. Unfortunately, its the way business is done. We all love Trent Green but we need to make this team better, not more sentimental.

On the surface, it appears that Carl Peterson is doing Trent Green a favor by allowing him to check out other teams. On the other hand, it could be Carl's way of keeping Trent Green in the Chiefs hands until we can get something back for him in the form of a trade or a draft pick. Right now, I have to say that Trent Green is worth maybe a 4rd round draft pick and maybe even a 5th. Unfortunately, we really can't keep him on with the huge hit he brings to the salary cap.

Lets look into the future. It appears that 2007 will see the Chiefs with a starting Damon Huard and Brodie Croyle and Casey Printers backing him up. At least thats how it stands now. I really can't imagine Casey Printers dressing for Chiefs game at the moment so we'll just leave that alone for now.

Even though I agree with trading Trent Green, that does not leave me particularly confident about our  QB lineup. Huard, Croyle and Printers doesn't exactly instill fear in the opposing team, does it?

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