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Why is Everyone Ready for Brodie Croyle to Start?

It seems like in a lot of the places I look for Chiefs info- messageboards, blogs, news sites- everyone is itching to get Brodie Croyle in as the Chiefs starting QB. Maybe not this year but almost certainly the next.

One thing that bothers me is that Croyle has done next to nothing on an NFL football field and we are ready to crown him the next franchise QB. Don't get me wrong here. I do not dislike Brodie Croyle. I saw him play in college and he was pretty good. Not fantastic but pretty good. I'm merely asking where did we get the assumption that Brodie Croyle was ready to start in the NFL and why is he our QB of the future?

I don't have a better choice than Croyle in my head. I'm excited to see him play too. But why is he our 3rd round of the draft, decent college career, QB of the future?

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