Damion McIntosh

Thanks for this write up goes to Phinatic, from The Phinsider.

Hello Chiefs fans!

Chris asked me to come on over here and just give a quick little view on Damion McIntosh.  And, really, there isn't much to say.

McIntosh is a slightly above average player.  He came to Miami in 2004 on a 6 year, $21 million deal and never really earned his money.  In fact, last season he wasn't even supposed to be a starter.  However, due to injuries, he got a lot of playing time at guard early in the season.

Then some miraculous happened.  LJ Shelton, a guy who was supposed to come in a solidify the LT spot, sucked.  The Dolphins decided to move Damion McIntosh back to LT, his natural position.  He ended up being our starting LT over the last 8 or so games and played EXTREMELY well.  It was a pleasent surprise to us all.

So what am I saying about him?  It's simple.  He's a guy that will play his heart out.  But he's also a guy that will occassionally do his "turnstile" impression, letting anyone and everyone right on through.

But he's tough.  He's versatile (can play either tackle position or either guard position), and he does work hard.  He probably isn't a long-term solution for you guys, but he is a quality stop-gap player.

Hope this helps a little!

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