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Jared Allen Just Doesn't Get It

Come on Jared. Just because you're one of the youngest guys on the team doesn't mean you have to act like a kid. From the Star today:

Ken Harris, the agent for defensive end Jared Allen, said his client won't participate when the Chiefs begin their offseason program Monday.

"To my knowledge, I don't think he plans to be back in Kansas City until training camp," Harris said.

That means Allen also wouldn't participate in the only offseason event that's mandatory for most players, the three-day minicamp in early June. It wouldn't be mandatory for Allen, who doesn't have a contract.

Harris indicated that Allen probably wouldn't sign the one-year, $2.35 million contract offer he has from the Chiefs until shortly before the start of camp. Allen is unhappy with contract negotiations with the Chiefs and has said he wants a trade.

I mentioned earlier that I thought that Jared Allen would cool off after his initial trade request. Apparently, I thought we were dealing with a 24 year old NFL player. Nope. We are dealing with an immature drunk whose agent can't even reign in. We need you Jared but we aren't going to take this shit much longer. Grow up. Enjoy the fact that you get to play football for a living and get to be a star on a team. The Chiefs haven't wronged you as much as you think they have.

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