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Detroit Lions Now Looking at Trent Green

This Trent Green saga just won't end, will it? According to the Miami Herald, Carl Peterson and Lion's president Matt Millen will be in touch over the next few days concerning Trent Green. Carl Peterson is continuing with his strategy of incredibly overstating what the Chiefs should expect in exchange for Trent Green. Carl and the Chiefs want a second round pick and possibly another. Remember when the word was that Trent was no better than a 4th rounder? I still believe that but I congratulate Carl on looking like a fool just so he can compromise on draft picks later. That has to be what he's doing. Start high and only give when you have to.

As for Matt Millen's excitement over Trent Green, he had this to say:

"We have to talk," Millen said. "Eventually, we'll get together. We'll get there."
Carl will have to start asking about a first rounder just to get Millen pissed off enough to pay attention.

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