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Chiefs and Dolphins Still Arguing Over Trade Details

Last week, we heard that Trent Green and the Dolphins were about "$2 million apart on a deal". Now, it appears the the Dolphins want to trade Trent Green for a 7th round pick while the Chiefs are demanding a 2nd round pick. The Sun-Sentinel  quotes Carl Peterson:

"The guy is a Pro Bowl quarterback," Chiefs General Manager/President Carl Peterson told the Star. "He's thrown for (26,000) yards and a lot of touchdowns. He's (worth more than) a seventh-round draft choice."

Great job Carl. Give the Dolphins a little credit here. They're not stupid. They know that the 2007 Trent Green is not the 2004 Trent Green. Regardless, I believe a 7th round pick to be a few rounds too late for a solid backup QB. The Dolphins had more bargaining power last week when David Carr was on the table but they never acted on it. The decked is still stacked for Miami, as the Sun-Senitel articles reminds us of Trent Green's shortcomings. The articles also mentions that the two sides will resume trade talks today. We'll be on the lookout for that inevitable, more than likely anti-climatic end to the Trent Green saga.

**UPDATE** Pro Football Talk's Rumor Mill is reporting that the Dolphins are split between Trent Green and David Carr. Considering PFT's history of being right on these rumors, we'll sit on it for now.

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