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A Tiny Trent Green Update

From the Palm Beach Post:

No Carr talks: The Dolphins have expressed no interest in trading for Houston Texans quarterback David Carr, a source said. Carr, the Texans' starter since the franchise began play in 2002, became expendable Wednesday when the Texans acquired the Atlanta Falcons' No. 2 quarterback, Matt Schaub.

Talks between the Dolphins and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Trent Green continue, but the sides are at least $2 million apart on a restructured contract.

Honestly, I have no idea what "2 million apart" means in the NFL (or anywhere for that matter. I've got about $100 in my checking account until next Friday). Not sure about the punctuation there.

Anyway...this is about the most exciting off season news we've had so far. So get used to it. Unless you want me to start making stuff up.

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