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Chiefs Release Turley and Knight

Finally, we are seeing the Chiefs cut some dead weight in order to facilitate Herm Edwards' strategy of getting younger. Safety Sammy Knight being released just makes sense. Bernard Pollard and Jarrad Page showed a lot of promise last year as rookies. Knight started every game last year and I think this move is less reflective of his play last season- which was decent- and more reflective of the Chiefs just saying, "We don't really need you anymore."

Kyle Turley is in the same boat, except he only started a handful of games last year for the Chiefs. Turley originally wanted to play tight end when he tried out for the Chiefs in 2006 and ultimately ended up being an injured left tackle. With the signing of Damion McIntosh at left tackle from the Dolphins, the Chiefs again have no need for an aging, perpetually injured offensive lineman.

I enjoy seeing these types of moves happen in Kansas City. I have no particular beef with Turley or Knight. We just have to become comfortable with letting players go that really don't serve our needs anymore, i.e. Ryan Simms. Good moves by the Chiefs yesterday and I am coming around to Herm Edwards' "younger for younger's sake" mentality of building a roster.

I see Sammy Knight signing on with a team somewhere, whether that be a starting position or not. Kyle Turley is done is this league. One failed comeback is enough.

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