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Miami Dolphins Still Interested in Trent Green

Per the Miami Herald today:

The agent for Chiefs quarterback Trent Green said the Dolphins remain interested in a potential trade for his client, but it has been a "slow-moving" deal.

Slow moving is right. Does anybody really want Trent Green right now? Some teams could be waiting for us to simply cut him and then they can snatch him up. Regardless, Trent Green will end up somewhere other than Kansas City next season. He is still young enough to fit some team's plan for 2007. Veteran QBs wind up a lot of different places in this league and I expect Trent, being one of the better veteran QBs available right now, to either backup or start a few games next season. Where he does this is precisely the question. There has to be some back room dealing going on because nobody negotiates for weeks if each side isn't trying to get something for cheaper than they currently are. I'm betting Carl Peterson is trying to either get a higher draft pick than what he's been offered or he is trying to get two picks instead of one.

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