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Napoleon Harris to Visit Chiefs - Free Agency Updates

[editor's note, by Chris] Let free agency begin. I'll be throwing up any rumor (and I will label it as so) we find and hopefully we can score some good pick ups.

From Pro Football Talk:

Harris was a first-round pick of the Raiders in 2002, and was traded to the Vikings in 2005 as part of the Randy Moss deal.

The former Northwestern star played fairly well last season as part of the Vikings' new Tampa 2 defense.  But not well enough to get paid to stick around.

Check out his stats here.

**UPDATE** LB Donnie Edwards is supposed to visit the Chiefs and the Saints, with the Saints apparently a better shot to land him.

**UPDATE** Check out this list of each team's free agents and their needs.

**UPDATE** Jake Plummer will be traded to the Bucs.

One more time, Jake.

**UPDATE** Word on the NFL Network is that Plummer will retire, nullifying the Tampa Bay trade. No official word yet though.

**UPDATE** The Plummer retirement story appears to be true. Check out the Mile High Report for more updates.

**UPDATE** The Broncos sign TE Daniel Graham. Apparently, the Daniel Graham signing is not true. Check Mile High Report for more info.

**UPDATE** Scout reports that the Chiefs are interested in Dolphins backup RB Sammy Morris.

**UPDATE** Yahoo! Sports says the Chiefs will be looking to trade Dante Hall and Greg Wesley for draft picks.

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