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Free Agency Update


Our Free Agents

  • Jordan Black, Signed by the Texans
  • Kawika Mitchell, Detroit Lions are interested
  • Ron Edwards, DT, visited with Cleveland on March 2nd, Resigned by the Chiefs
  • James Reed, DT, visited with Houston

The newest edition up there is defensive lineman Alfonso Boone. Windy City Gridiron describes Boone as "replaceable", which is about all you can say for any of our current guys on the D-line. I overlooked the defensive line needs earlier in the season and I have to some I am glad we are at least doing something to shake up the line. Its in a sad state and I am already imagining it being our Achilles Heel, forever the subject of what ifs about the 2007 season. Sort of like our defense in 2003. There is a great what if for you. If our defense was ranked even 15th 2003, then...

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