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Candid Comments by Tony Gonzalez

I didn't actually see this Tony Gonzalez interview on the NFL Network. I am grabbing this summary from Chiefs Planet. Here is the recap:

  • He said he thinks Trent Green has played his last game as a Chief.
  • He said Solaris' play calling frustrated him at times last year.
  • He said that he hasn't heard from P. Holmes but he hears he is supposed to play this year. He called P.H. a "different cat". He said that if Priest says he's going to play Priest will play.
  • He sounded like he wanted to call out certain players but he bit his lip.
  • He sounds like he has faith in Huard.
  • His comments were candid. He didn't sound like he was being PC.
I have no reason to believe this is untrue but the recap is certainly open to personal interpretation. Honestly, I would be surprised if Priest Holmes played this year. He has been out of football for long time and away from the Chiefs organization for almost as long. In #4, is Tony referring to Larry Johnson? Don't know but its certainly a possibility. Chime in if you happened to catch the interview.

**NOTE** Since KU plays today, check out Rock Chalk Talk, our local Kansas Jayhawks blog. On the same note, I really can't stand ANYTHING Kansas.

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