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Chiefs QBs Will Have to Compete Says Edwards

Via the official site:

Q: Who is going to be the starting quarterback?

EDWARDS: "It's going to be open for competition and that's what's good about it. If QB Trent Green decides to come back, it's going to be the same three guys and they are going to compete. You have to leave it at that; let them compete for the position and see who wins out."

Of course, Herm Edwards would be foolish to name a starting QB so far from the start of the season. Either he is being polite to Trent Green, who hasn't left the team just yet, or he truly believes that the QB position is up in the air.

Come on Herm. Are you telling me that Damon Huard won't be the starting QB come the start of the season? I understand that Huard may not be the starting QB at the end of the season though. Croyle is not going to progress quickly enough in the off season to convince any of us he is above Damon Huard for a season starting QB job in the NFL.

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