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No! No! No!

This isn't a PR fight you want Carl. (Photo source here)

KMBC  is reporting that the Chiefs, who gained control of stadium naming rights in the newest lease deal, are shopping around for buyers.

"Both teams are certainly aware of the brand identity they've developed with Arrowhead Stadium and Kaffuman stadium. And I know the Royals are certainly sensitive and protective of the Kauffman name," [Jim] Rowland said.

Mahoney reported that selling the naming rights is probably not the No. 1 priority for either team -- they're both preparing for the large-scale renovations voters approved last year.

I understand that naming rights for a stadium are worth millions. I also understand that the name Arrowhead will more than likely not be completely obliterated from the official Chiefs landscape. I just do not want to end up with the crap they have in St. Louis with the Edwards Jones Dome. Domes are horrible enough but to throw some BS corporate moniker on the stadium defiles not only the city of Kansas City but the entire tradition of Kansas City Chiefs football. Arrowhead Stadium has a special connotation (especially in December). You say Arrowhead in KC and people naturally know exactly what you're talking about.

Now you're response right now is probably something along the lines of, "Whatever they name the stadium, I'll still always call it Arrowhead." As will I. Regardless, I am firmly against the Kansas City Chiefs taking money from a sponsor to rename Arrowhead Stadium. The Chiefs already get enough money from Jackson County that to take our money, then destroy something we hold dear for the sake of money, would be atrocious and right in line with how the execs of the Chiefs have treated the fans over the years.

Good luck to whatever business wants to take over the naming rights. I will personally start a boycott of whatever business it is. No more Hallmark Cards, no more Sprint Phones, no more Boulevard Beer. Well, we can't act too crazy now.

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