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Mock Draft Tracker

The NFL draft is April 28-29. There are and will be about a million mock drafts coming out, just like the ones I quoted below. Since the predictions were pretty varied, I decided to keep track of what position each mock draft says the Chiefs should address in the first round. Everyone and their mother will be doing a mock draft somewhere online, whether that be ESPN or a random blog. If someone put some time into a mock draft and actually isn't that far off (like suggesting that Jamarcus Russel will drop to the 2nd Round) we'll include what they say in the tally. The mock drafts I'll include are the ones I put up here on the site. So, we start with the list I created yesterday.

First Round Choice
6 Dwayne Bowe (3) Sidney Rice (2) Ted Ginn Jr. (1)
2 Levi Brown (1) Tony Ugoh (1)
1 Leon Hall (1)

Messing around with how the Mock Draft Tracker will look. Anybody that has some HTML experience, feel free to mess with it. This should be a good way to get a general vibe about what people are saying about the Chiefs and the draft.

It's Game Time.

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