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The Chiefs season, down to one paragraph:

With the Super Bowl over, and another AFC Champion, the Chiefs look back on another season of "what could have been." There were certainly plenty of lows: the offense went down several notches, perhaps in large part due to Willie Roaf's sudden retirement; Trent Green went down in the first game of the season and never looked the same again; they lost heartbreakers in Cleveland and Miami, ruining their chances for a high seed in the playoffs; once in the playoffs, the Chiefs embarrass themselves with a forgettable offensive performance; and Lamar Hunt, their beloved owner, passes away without seeing his Chiefs raise the trophy that bears his name.

Jon and Phil, formerly of the Chiefs Fanhouse, will now be directing their attention back to the Chiefs Most Valuable Network website. Congrats to them on a season well-blogged (I know that sounds stupid but we are stuck with the word "blog").

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