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Where Are They Now? - Louie Aguiar

You never cease to amaze us Louie. (Photo source here)

Has there been a bigger badass to play the position of punter? Louie Aguiar only had one punt blocked his entire career and my memories are filled with him drilling would be touchdown returners. I'm sure we are well familiar with his bout with testicular cancer. Today, Aguiar is busy running the Aguiar Kicking Academy, which he bills as a "instructional camp/combine". His camp sounds pretty cool.

Aguiar Kicking Academy utilizes vCoach computer technology, which provides immediate, on-the-field, frame-by-frame and side-by-side analysis of each athlete. We are the only football camp in the country with this availability. This allows us more precious time on the field and less classroom time reviewing VHS tape. In other words, less down time and more work time.
The other cool thing about his website is that it appears at least that Aguiar writes a lot of the content himself. I'm fully aware that it is a common occurrence for somebody else to write stuff and then attach somebody's else's name to it but I just get that feeling that Louie sits in front of his computer and churns out this content.

Also, Louie seems to be doing pretty well with the ladies, considering he married a woman who was not only Miss Teen Illinois in 1990 but Miss Missouri in 1999 as well. Currently, Aguiar is the special teams coach of the Waterloo Bulldogs, an Illinois high school that barely has a functioning website. Overall, it seems that Louie is doing pretty damn well for himself. Congrats to him and I'm sure he's happy that Dustin Colquitt has taken over his reign.

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