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The Super Bowl - Do I Really Care?

The answer is no. I will be watching the game with enjoyment because it is a football game but I have no stake in this game. I can't even root for the AFC because 'Ol Forehead is "manning" their team (Oh that was good. Admit it.).

The Bears aren't much better. They have a moron at QB who still wishes he was in Gainesville, getting drunk and using the line "I'm Rex Grossman" to try to bring one of the hot freshman back to his place.

Here are some things to keep in mind this Super Bowl:

Brian Urlacher is not that good. I still don't understand the hype.

Grossman will never get credit for a win because he's Rex Grossman. Sucks for him but thats The Way It Is.

Peyton Manning will always be a whiny competitor. Always. You just know he was the first to cry when things didn't go his way as a kid.

Blah blah blah. This game has been talked TO DEATH by guys I really don't even care to listen to. I've basically been keeping up with the real fans here at SB Nation. I'll be checking out WCG and Stampede Blue during the game and I suggest you do too. Also, Niners Nation has a thread up talking about worst Super Bowl ever.


[editor's note, by Chris] Did anybody see Herm at the KU game last night? I caught the little interview they had with him on TV. He was definitely in his same incognito mode as the last time we saw him. Herm Watch has officially started. I bet he goes to the Plaza movie theater during the Super Bowl.

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