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How Much Do You Care About the NFL Combine?

I have to say that the combine, aside from players showing up obviously out of shape, doesn't really have much of an effect on me. I know its this big meat market, with NFL teams poking and prodding the next crop of great talent. But the skill sets displayed at the combine- the shuttle runs, the vertical measurements- its all lost on me. Is there any empirical evidence to show that a good showing at the combine leads to a good NFL player? Or are we just so bored after the Super Bowl and between the draft that we need to fill this void with something? I'm leaning towards the latter. When its a slow news day, the less important stuff suddenly becomes more important.

And we are certainly in that slow news time of the NFL. Hunker down. Drink lots of coffee. And I'll at least try to make the time between now and the draft as interesting as possible. As you've probably noticed, I've been doing at least one post every weekday. I'll keep that up. But I'll need your help too. Write up a diary, on anything that is on your mind, and I'll more than likely throw it up on the front page. The goal here at Arrowhead Pride is to create the best online Kansas City Chiefs community there can possibly be. Discussion is open and free. The comments and diaries are completely unmoderated. So have at it and we'll make it through the off season.

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