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What Signing Damon Huard Could Mean for the Chiefs

This is what I think, right now, is one of the most realistic situations for the Chiefs at QB. Trent Green will more than likely retire before the 2007 season or after the 2007 season. The Chiefs know this is a definite possibility. Having Huard around for 3 years ensures that we have a stable QB when Trent leaves. It also points to the fact that the Chiefs are more than likely grooming Brodie Croyle to become the starting QB.

It just makes too much sense. Trent is at the end of the line. Huard is our in-between guy during the end of the Trent Green era and the beginning of the Brodie Croyle era. He is probably the best guy to fill this role, considering he played well as a starter last season and he knows the Chiefs offense. From the Fox Sports quote below, it also seems like Huard likes being in Kansas City.

The thing that makes me think this is the scenario is the length of the contract (3 years) and the amount of money. 3 years is enough time for Trent to step down and for Croyle to become the starter. $7.5 million over three years is too much for a backup and not enough for a true starter. Thankfully, it appears that Huard has accepted this role for himself.

**UPDATE** The Star reports that Carl Peterson will ask Trent Green to take a pay cut. The beginning of the end?

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