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Dave Stewart on LJ Trade Talks

Via Metro Sports:

That's why the Chiefs have a problem with Pro Bowl running back Larry Johnson.

One by one, veteran leaders went to management at the end of the season to complain about a teammate they'd prefer played someplace else.

They went so far as suggesting a trade in the best interest of team chemistry.

And more....
With LJ, the Chiefs don't.

One veteran lineman said he'd rather retire than block for Johnson again.

The trade talk is out there, although the Chiefs haven't embraced or addressed it.

At the Pro Bowl, Johnson privately said he wouldn't be opposed to it.

Read the rest of it here.  Stewart is obviously stirring the pot here. Its going to take a little more to convince me LJ wants out of KC, ever since Tony Gonzalez said something similar and we ended up locking him up for the rest of his career.

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