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Jared Allen or Solid Draft Picks?

Jared Allen has childishly demanded that he be traded from the Kansas City Chiefs. Allen wants a long term contract and a lot of money. Carl Peterson offered Allen a 1 year deal. Allen refused and the Chiefs now plan to high tender Jared Allen, basically meaning that they have the ability to match an offer from another team or receive a 1st and 3rd round draft pick for him.

I have to say that is pretty tempting. How many of you would give up Jared Allen for a 1st and 3rd round pick? I would think long and hard if that situation ever comes to fruition. Jared Allen has displayed his immaturity through his 2 DUIs and now this little temper tantrum over his contract. He has refused to talk to the media and immediately began talking about leaving Kansas City. He is obviously emotional right now and I don't take what he has to say about future negotiations very seriously either. Allen said, "For me, personally, it's beyond that point." Wow. His relationship with the Chiefs disintegrated pretty damn quickly.

I predict Jared Allen is back as a Chief in 2007. And if he isn't, we'll be sitting on an extra 1st and 3rd round pick. He'll probably cool off and maybe grow up a bit this offseason. I hope he stays around but I won't be crying if he leaves and we get that deal.

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