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Combine Information

This is how the prospects we've been tracking are doing.

Robert Meachem really helped himself Sunday with a great day. He is in that second tier of receivers and with two of the better receivers not working out, Meachem definitely put his draft stock on the rise with a 4.39 in his 40-yard dash.

Offensive Tackle Tony Ugoh of Arkansas was given a hypothetical question to answer. "I'm a general manager, tell me why I should trust you to protect my quarterback." Ugoh answered that actions speak louder than words. "I'm not going to tell you to trust me. I'm going to show you that you can trust me. I'm going to work hard and earn your trust."

Dwayne Bowe of LSU is arguably the best blocking wide receiver in the draft, so it was no surprise how he answered when he was asked which got his teammates more excited, a big block, or a big catch. "I'd have to say a big block. I got a lot of 'ooohs' from my teammates with a good crack back block."

More from Penn State OT Levi Brown. When asked, said the toughest defender he faced all year was Purdue DE Anthony Spencer. Brown put his mouth up to the microphone and said "Anthony Spencer is tough. He's the best defensive end in this draft. You all should draft him."
Still not a huge fan of the combine. It just over inflates the stock of a lot of players.

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