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What Does Whitlock REALLY Think?

I wrote about this Whitlock article a few days ago. This is the article where he basically says that the NBA All Star is a calling for all black people. Here's another sample.

A typical Super Bowl party will have 10 men for every woman. All-Star Weekend parties are split pretty much right down the middle. And, quite honestly, all the time NBA players spend recovering from a tough night's work in strip clubs across America equals a major caravan of strippers descending upon the host city.

Again, we're talking about The Perfect Storm of ghettofabulousness -- booze, babes, gambling, celebrities, a dunk contest and no such thing as last call.

Contrast that with this AOL Sports article, also by Whitlock, written yesterday.
Good luck fixing All-Star Weekend.

The game is a sloppy, boring, half-hearted mess. The dunk contest is contrived and pointless. The celebrity contest is unintended comedy. And, worst of all, All-Star Weekend revelers have transformed the league's midseason exhibition into the new millennium Freaknik, an out-of-control street party that features gunplay, violence, non-stop weed smoke and general mayhem.

Read both of these articles. Whitlock changed his mind very quickly about the All Star game weekend.

Hat tip to Chiefs Planet.

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